Cancellation and Refund Policy

1.Cancellation Policy

1.1 You may cancel your booking with us any time before the schedule date and time of your pick-up only by calling us on our 24x7 Customer Care helpline number 9334-224-111. If you cancel when the driver and/or car details provided you will be charged a cancellation fee.

1.2. No cancellation fee shall be payable unless Ranchi Cab confirms the cancellation of your ride in accordance with the terms of use and Cancellation and refund policy.

1.3 Cancellation fees :

1.3.1 A booking request can be cancelled free of charge where driver or car details are not provided.

1.3.2 If a booking request is cancelled for any reason whatsoever when the driver and/or car details provided, you'll be charged a cancellation fee as forfeiture of the complete advance amount paid by you for the booking.

1.3.3 Drivers are also able to cancel a ride request if they've waited 45 minutes at the pickup location and/or for any reason whatsoever you have provided wrong details of pickup location or you are not reachable at phone, mobile number and email address you have provided. You may be charged either a cancellation fee as forfeiture of the complete advance amount paid by you for the booking or Rs. 3.5 per minute for hatchback / Sedan car, Rs. 4 per minute for SUV / Innova car, Rs. 10 per minute for Tempo traveller, after 45 minutes completed at the sole discretion of the Ranchi Cab.

1.3.4 In case, cancellation is due to external factors which human being by the exercise of reasonable diligence cannot avoid such as epidemic, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fire, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disturbances; war, terrorist acts, riot, or other civil disturbance; epidemics; or other similar forces or due to force majeure which lead to the roads closed, voucher for the complete advance amount paid by you for the booking, in Ranchi Cabs’s sole discretion shall be issued without expiry to use in future.

2. Refund Policy

2.1 As per the cancellation and refund policy, the refund will be processed. It may take 7 to 10 business days for the refund to reflect into your account. In case wrong or incorrect banking details/ account details provided by you, Ranchi Cab shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damages whatsoever.

2.2 Ranchi cab shall not be responsible to refund and/or to provide voucher in any case where you give any money or goods to the Driver except as mentioned in the invoice. Ranchi Cab shall not be liable to pay any damages, if any, arises from any loss accrued to you.

2.3 Ranchi Cab reserves the right to withhold the complete advance amount paid by you for the booking on account of any misbehave or misconduct viz. physically, orally or mentally with the driver. Cab Bazar also reserves the right jointly and/or severally with the driver to take any action against you as available as per the law applicable at the time of the incident.

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